Natixis Tax Classes can enhance and facilitate the tax customization of an entire portfolio. Tax Classes provide investors with the ability to customize the type of tax-efficient income and cash flow they prefer. Every one of our Tax Classes was individually designed to give investors the power to optimize their after-tax return.

Tax Classes provide investors with more choice and flexibility in addressing their investment needs.

Return of Capital Class: Tax Efficient Monthly Cash Flow

The objective of the Return of Capital Class is to provide distributions which are expected to be composed primarily of ‘return of capital'. Return of Capital distributions are an effective way to manage current cash flow needs and defer current taxes.

Dividend Tax Credit Class: Tax Efficient Monthly Cash Flow

The objective of the Dividend Tax Credit Class is to provide to the investor a monthly distribution which is categorized primarily as Canadian taxable dividends. There are a number of situations where this tax class can reduce taxable income.

Compound Growth Class: Tax Efficient Investment Growth

The objective of the Compound Growth Class is to maximize the after-tax value of an investor's portfolio, by minimizing the amount and frequency of distributions.


For the purposes of the Income Tax Act (Canada) and any similar provincial and territorial legislation, NGAM Canada Investment Corporation (“NGAM”) designates all dividends paid on the mutual fund shares of the applicable Tax Managed Funds (other than capital gains dividends) as “eligible dividends” unless NGAM indicates otherwise.