The objective of this class is to maximize the after-tax value of an investor’s taxable portfolio, by minimizing the amount and frequency of taxable distributions to an investor. This tax class is designed to maximize the deferral of distributions and keep as much investment capital as possible in the fund to compound on a tax deferred basis.

Top Uses:

  1. Portfolio Growth & Tax Deferral
    • Ideal for individuals who wish to compound the value of a taxable investment portfolio while minimizing the impact of income taxes.
  2. Tax Minimization for High Income Earners
    • For individuals in the top marginal tax bracket, this class presents the opportunity to grow your portfolio without distributions until your personal income tax rate is lower.
  3. Tax Efficient Charitable Giving
    • Investors who wish to maximize charitable giving while minimizing the impact of capital gains can use their Compound Growth sharaes as a tool for carrying out their philanthropic goals.
  4. Minimizing OAS Clawbacks
    • Ideal for retirees who wish to minimize withdrawals from registered accounts and/or minimize the impact of investment income on OAS clawbacks.
  5. Individuals with Surplus Cash Flow
    • Appropriate for individuals with no current income or cash flow needs.