Each Tax Managed Fund has an option for the payment of distributions. For example, the Canadian Cash Fund pays monthly distributions while the Bond, Balanced and Equity Funds have a variety of options based on our unique Tax Classes. The chart below provides an overview of the annual fixed distribution rates on a per share per year basis and stipulates the frequency of those distributions.

Tax Managed Funds
  Corporate Series  Return of Capital
Tax Credit Class
Growth Class
Payment Frequency Monthly Monthly Monthly  
Cash and Fixed Income Funds ROC DTC CGR
Canadian Cash

Up to Yield

Canadian Bond 





$0.60  Minimized Distributions
Loomis Sayles Global Diversified Corporate Bond   $0.40 $0.40  Minimized Distributions
Preferred Share Fixed Income Funds ROC DTC CGR
Canadian Preferred Share




 Minimized Distributions
Balanced Funds ROC DTC CGR
Intrinsic Balanced   $0.30 $0.36  Minimized Distributions
Strategic Balanced    $0.40 $0.40 Minimized Distributions
Equity Funds ROC DTC CGR


$0.36 $0.40  Minimized Distributions
Intrinsic Growth   $0.40 $0.40  Minimized Distributions
U.S. Dividend Plus   $0.72 $0.72 Minimized Distributions
U.S. Growth   $0.60 $0.60  Minimized Distributions
Global Equity    $0.60  $0.60 Minimized Distributions
Oakmark Natixis     $0.60 $0.60 Minimized Distributions 
Oakmark International Natixis   $0.60 $0.60 Minimized Distributions 


Mutual Fund Trust (Single Trust Funds)
Balanced Fund Distribution
Loomis Sayles Strategic Monthly Income                                       $0.50                         
Equity Fund     Distribution
Gateway Low Volatility U.S. Equity                                            $0.50                         


*Return of Capital 40 Class
**Dividend Tax Credit 40 Class

All distribution rates are displayed in cents per share on an annual basis.                                                                      

This chart is designed to provide a summary view of the Fund distributions. For details, please read the Simplified Prospectus.