• 03/07/17 - Natixis Global Asset Management Canada Announces Changes to Funds - Click Here
  • 02/09/17 - Natixis Canada 2016 Year-End Distributions - Click Here
  • 12/02/16 - Press Release: Natixis Global Asset Management Announces Investor Approval of Mutual Fund Mergers - Click Here
  • 09/12/16 - Press Release: Natixis Global Asset Management Announces Fund Changes in Canada - Click Here
  • 06/02/16 - Press Release: Illusion of Safety? Natixis Survey Finds Many Canadian Investors Don’t Understand Risks of Low-Cost Index Funds - Click Here
  • 05/13/16 - Press Release: Natixis Global Asset Management Announces Portfolio Manager Changes to Two Funds - Click Here
  • 02/23/16 - NexGen Founder James L. Hunter Passes Away - Click Here
  • 01/19/16 - Natixis Canada 2015 Year-End Distributions - Click Here
  • 09/18/15 - Press Release: Natixis Expands Canadian Mutual Fund Offering to Help Investors Meet Portfolio Diversification Needs - Click Here
  • 08/24/15 - Press Release: Natixis Global Asset Management Announces New Distribution and Investment Operations in Canada - Click Here

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Effective August 21, 2015

The NexGen group of companies have changed their names to reflect that they are part of Natixis Global Asset Management. As a result, we are rebranding our website. During this transition period, please continue to access the website for information, materials and other resources relating to our investment products and services.

For more information on Natixis Global Asset Management, please visit ngam.natixis.com.