Risk has often been an afterthought in the minds of many investors. Traditionally, portfolios have been built around the return expectations needed to achieve long-term goals. In reality, risk may often provide more solid footing for building more durable portfolios.

Understanding Risk

This video looks at putting risk first when constructing an investment portfolio. And explains why it’s essential to make risk, not return expectations, the basis for asset allocation.

Risk Budgeting

This video offers a fresh perspective on the function of risk in evaluating investments and constructing portfolios. From examining the relative long-term stability of risk as compared to that of returns, to establishing a risk budget, to identifying investments that can act as risk reducers or return enhancers, this video provides unique insights with practical applications for building more consistent portfolios

Natixis Global Asset Management is committed to helping advisors and their clients meet their long-term goals. In this new era of investing, we believe this will require a more consistent investment philosophy. We call this Durable Portfolio Construction®.

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