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Global Equities Benefited from the Synchronized Uptick in Global GDP Growth in Q1 2017

Charles Lannon, Portfolio Manager, NexGen Global Equity Fund


Global equities, as represented by the MSCI World Index, returned 5.35% in Q1 2017 (in Canadian dollar terms, net of dividends). Sector leadership this year shows a marked shift from the types of stocks that enjoyed an initial bump in the aftermath of Trump’s victory. Thus far in 2017, cyclical stocks and industries are no longer outperforming. This likely reflects a more sanguine appreciation of the challenges that the new administration faces in implementing its agenda. It might also reflect a consideration as to whether or not the suite of policy proposals can instill the confidence necessary to accelerate U.S. GDP from the 1.6% growth rate that Bloomberg consensus expects this year. Regardless, global equities undoubtedly benefited from the synchronized uptick in global GDP growth with key PMI’s from the U.S., Europe, China and Japan remaining clearly above 50, a level that denotes growth and expansion.



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