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Month: March 2016

Markets See Stability towards End of February

Dennis Ruhl, CFA J.P. Morgan Asset Management, PM of NexGen US Growth Funds

U.S. equity markets were volatile in February as investor concerns about a global economic slowdown intensified. Adding to the negative sentiment was a deep selloff in the banking sector and crude oil prices again breaking below US$30 a barrel.

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Signs of Stability in Preferred Share Markets?

Jeff Herold
Jeff Herold, J. Zechner Associates, PM of NexGen Canadian Preferred Share

Preferred shares were affected by financial market volatility that continued in February. The volatility was led by a sharp decline and then rebound in the price of oil. The S&P/TSX, the S&P 500, and the MSCI World Composite all fell between 6.5% and 7% as oil dropped. Once oil started rebounding, so too did equity markets as they finished the month with only small gains or losses. Preferred shares suffered about half the losses of common shares, but were slow to rebound as oil moved higher. The S&P/TSX Preferred Share Total Return index declined -3.64% in February.

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Bonds Lose Glitter as Oil and Equities Recover in February


Jeff Herold
Jeff Herold, J. Zechner Associates, PM of NexGen Canadian Bond Funds

Financial market volatility continued in February led by a sharp decline and then a rebound in the price of oil. Equity markets tracked oil prices fairly closely, albeit with more muted moves. Oil plunged 22.5% from the end of January to February 11th, hitting an intra-day low of $26.05 per barrel. However, news that Saudi Arabia, a few other OPEC members, and Russia were considering capping their oil production at the levels attained in January prompted a strong recovery in oil prices that left them up 0.4% over the whole month.

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