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Month: December 2015

Equities Pause in November to Digest October’s Rebound

Donald Nesbitt & Mikhail Alkhazov – Ziegler Capital Management – NexGen US Dividend Plus Funds

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Large Cap U.S. equities paused in November to seemingly digest October’s large rebound. The market declined in the first half of the month over worries of a weak holiday retailing season and a terrorist attack in Paris appeared to set the stage for further declines, but equities climbed back over the remainder of the month.

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Mixed Movements in Developed Market Government Bond Yields in November

Baker Gilmore PhotoMovements in developed market government bond yields were mixed in November. Yields in Canada, the US and Australia moved higher after the announcement of strong employment gains; Japanese yields were largely unchanged, while softer data in the UK pulled yields modestly lower and the German yield curve steepened on central bank guidance of increased monetary stimulus.

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Normalization Begins; Fed Hikes Rates by 25 Bps

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After a period of seven years in which it kept overnight interest rates effectively at 0% and introduced multiple rounds of quantitative easing to boost economic growth following the Great Recession, the US Federal Reserve finally raised its fed funds rate by 25 basis points yesterday to a new target range of 0.25% to 0.50%. With strong employment gains pushing the unemployment rate to 5%, wage growth picking up speed and core CPI at its target level of 2%, the Fed’s increased confidence in the ongoing momentum of the economy allowed it to take the first step in the process of normalizing rates.

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US Markets Remain Resilient in November

Dennis Ruhl, CFA J.P. Morgan Asset Management, PM of NexGen US Growth Funds


U.S. equity markets were quite mixed for November. Large-cap stocks as represented by the S&P 500 Index were basically flat with a 0.3%* gain, while small-cap stocks measured by the Russell 2000 Index outperformed significantly posting a 3.3%* advance. The S&P 500 now stands with a year-to-date return of 3.0%* while the Russell 2000 Index is in positive territory, with a gain of 0.6%*.

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