What is unique about Natixis Tax Managed Funds?

Investment Fund Structure

Managing the tax impact on an investment portfolio is important. The Natixis fund structure segregates taxable and registered investors by utilizing an integrated fund structure. The structure reduces the inherent conflict of interest between taxable and registered investors, as each have different tax preferences. Our innovative active tax management process is the key behind the efficiency of our Tax Managed Funds.

Creation of Tax Classes

Natixis Tax Classes can enhance and facilitate the tax customization of an entire portfolio. Tax Classes provide investors with the ability to customize the type of tax-efficient income and cash flow they prefer. Every one of our Tax Classes was individually designed to give investors the power to optimize their after-tax return.

Tax Classes provide investors with more choice and flexibility in addressing their investment needs.

Improved After-Tax Returns

Natixis is able to actively manage each Fund's tax situation to improve its efficiency when compared to traditional mutual funds. This active process and system facilitates the reduction and deferral of income tax. Over time, taxable investors should receive a better after-tax return on their investment assuming a given return.


 Why is Tax Important?  Understanding the Investment Process